Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Fever

Finally! School started...

I thought I'd be super happy but I'm not sure what's worse.

Summer or school.

Even the costs is debatable.

We are so busy. All the dang time. I feel like I'm just barely squeezing in the fun stuff.

And I may die if my kids ask me to sign one more binder or piece of paper for school.

Or bring home one more t-shirt, book order or fundraiser form to beg and plead me to buy.

Keeping up with Natalie's food stock at daycare and school plus lunches and cheer is wearing me out. Feel like I need to constantly just bring Costco everywhere with me.

Trust me I would to.

I know it's not easy for her. Like at all. I never paid attention to how everything in life is rewarded or revolved with or around food before. It's like a sickness really.

I dread class parties and everything and anything classroom related that deals with food. There are certain things I just can't or haven't found replacements for her yet.

I long for Thanksgiving break. Cooler weather and our trip to one of my favorite places to see some of my favorite people!

And you bet your ass I'll be stocking up on some Abita root beer!

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