Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The past few weeks I have been carpooling with my dear husband. His commute is awful like an hour each way and horrible traffic. And conveniently I'm on his route to and from. This isn’t new for us at times we have been a one vehicle family and well you just gotta make it work.

We have 3 cars at the moment and all are working fine. So that's not it at all.

Well until I sell my 2001 Tahoe. Anyone? Anyone?

It's just that I can save an extra $140 a week in gas by not driving. That's a whopping $480 a month or $5,760 annually. I don't know about you but that's a nice vaca...

And I love vacationing. It's essential, otherwise I may kill a certain someone I married almost 9 years ago.


He gets to work at the ass crack of dawn and well I'm more of a banker's hours kinda of gal. To be honest I don't mind working 8AM-6PM, I LOVE my job and get tons done. I mean I can walk to some pretty fabulous lunch spots or ride the trolley if I need to run an errand. The trolley is completely free and air conditioned too. Of course you should always tip the cute little old senior conductors a buck or two. Well, at least I do. 

Here's the kicker. My girl has cheer practice at 6PM twice a week. In a far, far away remote small town in East Texas. It's a sickness really. Texas and small towns and their crazy football and cheer traditions. But we do it. Cause well we are Texans and that's what we do. So I have to drive those days.

Today is one of those days.

I accidentally overslept. Something about a cuddly 7 year old girl snuggling on a rainy summer morning had me hitting the snooze.

I had lunches to make. Kid's to get dressed, fed and a bajillion daily meds and vitamins to be dispersed. A dog to feed and water.

I was also referee for all the bickering and fighting between my offspring this am.

I couldn't find anything cute to wear. I was hot too. Seriously, need a ceiling fan installed in my closet.

I had to get gas for I was way past the you have 20 miles till' you run out mark.

Didn't have time to make coffee. So I ran by Starbuck's it was across the street from the gas station.

The new kid made my triple tall non-fat no whip white chocolate mocha into a mocha. And it sucked. And he spilled it on me as he handed it to me through the drive thru. His arm was shaking like he had like 10 too many espresso shots.

He was cute though and his first day, apparently. So I was nice.

Dropped off my kiddo's and of course there was a crap ton of construction and traffic, unusual for my commute.

I had to stop and pick up a 12 pack of Diet Coke for the office. I didn't want to be the one who's fault it was to be out. Trust me. We all have a major Diet Coke addiction at the office. I’m guilty.

And… it hit me! I missed carpooling. Even though it seemed so awful at first. Really it wasn’t. I did all these things and more all by my lonesome before with no problem.

I needed him. It was like I had help, a clone of myself. And I could read and complain about his driving like always on the way. And I missed it today, I missed him. Yes! I missed him!

Thankful tomorrow is Wednesday and I get to ride with my guy. And hear all his smart ass funny as hell jokes. Be victim to his road rage and occasional boob grabs. Because, I love him.

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