Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, not to brag or anything. But... My name Abra, is pretty unique and unforgettable. And sometimes when I go places I lie and say my name is Amber. Or sometimes even April at restaurants or even Starbucks on occasion. I don't like repeating myself or spelling it out blah blah blah! And if I have to hear one more abracadabra joke I might whip out a white bunny and top hat, seriously. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my name. My Dad did an awesome job picking it that's for sure. But days like today I wish I'd of been an Amber or anything but Abra!

It started off as a very unusual morning. I was up cleaning and doing laundry at 5:30 AM on a freaking Saturday. I just couldn't sleep. Then me and the fam went running errands together in Mesquite. Went by Harbor Freight my least favorite store in the entire universe and they were sold out of what we needed. F! They had plenty in Richardson so off we went.

And a few other errands.

We had to hit up the bank. Ok not a big deal I'll wait in the car. But the Mr. forgot his wallet. I went in grabbed what little cash I had in our account since we are all cash now thanks to Dave Ramsey, yay!  I turned to leave and noticed him chatting up the customer service rep. Pretty little blonde thing she was and Brad's chatty with everyone, not unusual at all. He is one of those people who can strike up a convo with anyone and seem genuinely sincere and interested. He's so charismatic, well most of the time. So I go over. Then I get chatted up. Like she knew me. I felt very welcome and at ease in a bank which is odd. Normally everyone is all pissed off long lines whatever super quiet and all that jazz.

Again, very unusual. Something was awry I just couldn't pin point it just yet.

She asks for my ID. Because he forgot his wallet; again. We order some cute new Disney debit cards for discounts at the park when we go in December. It was free so why not.

Then. It happened.

She holds my ID. Like for a whole minute examining it. Never good.

And asks me where I'm from.

Mesquite of course I tell her.

I figure we went to the same high school or something and yet again I forgot another pretty face.

She asks who I dated in a nearby small town.

Oh shit!

For real? My stomach dropped.

Then the Mr. who's so charismatic busts out with. "Who didn't she date"! With a smirk the size of Texas on his handsome face!

What a jerk throwing me under the bus. I still love him anyways and feel awful for what's about to come next. I am thinking the worst.

So, I say the name I'm pretty much tagged with, with everyone from a certain small town not far from where I grew up. And yep. That's how she knows of me. Again with the unique unforgettable name. Damn it! I can't get away with anything.

I looked at her name tag and I knew exactly who she was. One of my ex fiances "ex's" before I earned that name tag. From like 12 years ago. Yep.


We chatted a few more minutes ok gossiped and I admitted how I duck and run on occasion and that I haven't spoken to a certain someone we had in common since well 12 plus years ago. I tried to sound as cheery as possible but to be honest I really just wanted to grab my kids and run! She was extremely nice and pleasant at least.

See this happens more than I'd like to admit. Running into ex girlfriends or whomever from my past. And the Mr. is usually always with me. And he takes everything with a grain of salt and teases me about it. But I know it gets to him. And I hate that.

I need to move far far away...

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