Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beachy Beach

I'm homesick. And a tad hungover from too much cheap Chardonnay at the beach and hot!

So here I am bloggy blogging at 1:30 in the freaking am.

No matter the ac is set on 70 it's sweltering in my room even with the fan on.

Direct quote from my half awake husband, "Just take your shirt off"! Ha! So not falling for that one honey, gosh I love him.

I love Texas. But Galveston beaches are well how do I say this politely.


I say this every time, yet I always forget how awful and gross and keep coming back.

It's like childbirth. How soon you forget...

There is dead fish littering the beaches here, something about low oxygen levels ummmmm... See I told you!


My kids are happy though. And that's all that matters. Hell they are happy going to the "beach" at Cedar Creek Lake thank goodness I have a few more years until they will know the difference or even care!

We haven't been back since 2009, check out these pics from the past-y past!

The Mr. and I were so hungover in that family pic too. That was smart, hey let's go partying right before a road trip and not even sleep! Thank god my Dad drove that trip.

We are crazies! Lesson learned.

It's not so fun touring battleships in 106 humid Texas summer heat hungover ha!

And a certain someone can suck it!

Since when is it anyone's business how or what I spend my hard earned cash on? Oh that's right, no one ever!

I'm so thankful for parents who put up with my crazy brood and agreed to come on another fun trip with us! It wouldn't be near as much fun with anyone else!

And a shout out to my bestie for taking such good care of my Gusser's! I miss him and her!

Did I mention I was homesick?

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