Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maybe, just maybe I am cursed.

I'm not one to complain about the small stuff. I like to think I'm pretty laid back and tend to just roll with it if you will.

But lately, this shit has really added up. Or maybe I'm just starting to take notice in all the lameness lately. Today alone has me wondering about all that bad karma that may be finally catching up with me. Slowly but surely.

It all started one Saturday morning innocently enough.

Just last week... A quick Starbucks run inside a Tom Thumb turned out to be the worst half hour and 2 coffees of my life. We'll except that one coffee shop in Forney, Lazy J's. I have given that place quite a few chances and to be honest I can make a better cup of Joe at the Shell down the street. The kinda joint you walk out of smelling like a freaking fried burrito straight outta the Texas State Fair kinda fried smelly. Ew.

And the lameness continues...

Starbucks changed their gold rewards. No more free talls with a pound of coffee purchase and they have started charging for soy!

See lame. Pretty much the whole reason I even go.

I ordered a scentsy sugar scented room spray.

I got sugar cookie.

The Mr. ordered a caesar salad and gets a regular side salad.

Argues with me then the cute cashier.


Gives up. Can't argue with stupid.

I sold something on FTE today, and the lady shorts me a dollar. And of course I notice after the fact.

See what I mean by it all adding up?

And a few more incidents I don't care to even mention because if you know me. Well then you know already.

Maybe I just expect too much from people? Nah...

But my girl did get picked for cheer captain this week. I'm so proud of her! I have so much to be thankful for. And the weather is pretty fabulous too.

This curse crap or bad karma or whatever the hell this is needs to get the f on already...

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