Thursday, November 29, 2012

swag king

It's 3AM. I'm wide awake and my heart is well, broken.

My sweet dear friends Danny and Nicole whom I cherish more than some of my own family has lost a brother, Peter.

Our friends are not supposed to get their wings so young. We are supposed to grow old together and attend each others funerals with walkers, wheel chairs and polyester pants I tell you.

I always looked up to him. I thought he was the coolest big brother there ever was. Even his friends were super cool. Maybe it was just the fact the were "older", nah. I mean how could one person radiate so much coolness is a mystery to me.

He always pulled the hottest hoes too. Well except that cougar phase he went through... I'll just leave that at that.

I remember the first time Brad met him.

We were at Hooters in Mesquite of all places and he was at a table full of hot ass girls. He was wearing a white furry fedora before the GAP sold em' if you know what I mean.

See swag.

I was so happy to see him. And Brad says to me, "You know this guy?!" In a very serious and shocked tone. He'd only met a handful of my friends and Jeff Sparks was there too with his girl friend and we totally ended up on a double date that night. Stranger things have happened trust me.

So, Peter Hall and Jeff Sparks both in one night. I bet Brad was thinking oh my Lordy who else is she gonna surprise me with. Never a dull moment I tell ya.

His smile was contagious. His eyes sparkled. He was tender, sweet and funny. Half the time completely full of shit too and you never knew if he was completely fucking with you or not.

And I loved that about him.

I will always cherish the last time we hung out just a few months ago at Jayla Bears birthday party. Dancing like drunk pre-teens who clearly needed a chaperone. I will cherish that short video no matter how embarrassing.

Just one last time I'd love to hear him say, "Hey, What's Up, Abra?!" with one of his heart warming hugs and smiles. He had such a way about him, charming to say the least.

Until we will meet again Peter, one day...


  1. Awww...well written...and gave me chills. <3

    1. Thank you Danielle! Means a lot, really it does : ) I literally wrote it laying in bed at 3AM trying not to wake my hubby over my sappy sobbing...

  2. RIP Peter.

    They don't make many like you. I'll pass twice next circle. Damn I'll miss u pimp.