Friday, November 2, 2012

It is starting...

I forgot to lock the front door this morning while I took the monsters to school.


I forgot to brush my teeth.

I call this placenta head.

It's awful. And very real.

I once forgot my sweet brother-in-laws name.

I was hugely pregnant with Leighton, during our first Christmas dinner together as a family way back in 2002. I'm standing in the Turkey line at 1111 Redman Lane. I can even recall what I was wearing.  I was looking right at him. And yes, I forgot his name. I really did.

My mind just went blank.

He knew it to, I think we finally settled on "hey you" get outta my way I need food kind of convo. Poor Josh, I bet he was wondering what in the hell his brother had gotten himself into.

237 more days...

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