Friday, January 18, 2013

One Fifty

Was my baby's heartbeat today at my check-up. The sound was well, glorious.

Girl or Boy, um... What's that old wives tale again?!

This waiting game is driving the Mr. MAD! Completely crazy! And I'm loving every single second of his craziness of wanting to know ha!

This appointment had been rescheduled twice this week. So, I was really anxious to get it over with. It was one of THOSE appointments where I didn't get to keep my pants on.

I really wanted to just leave after the fun stuff, but noooooooooo...

I've only gained 5 lbs since my last check-up. That's pretty good considering I eat all the time it feels like. I wake up STARVING and go to bed STARVING, meh!

160 days to go.

Oh and...

My first born, my boy, my Leighton turned ten on Saturday. 10!

After our whirlwind Disney World NYE trip (which needs its own entry) and Christmas his birthday plans literally slipped right by me. If it wasn't for my mother bugging me about plans the week of I might have waited until the day of. Totally lame on my part. But see I'm prego, I work full time and well I don't have a maid nor a personal shopper or a chef. So, I'm busy and well shit happens.

We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, best pancakes EVER! Uncle Dano, Marianne, Stewart, Uncle Tim, Aunt Anita, Timbo, Aunt Cindy and MaMo and PaPa met us, what a treat and I know it meant a lot to my boy! He loves his family!

Then we headed out to the new Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science. But it was sold out 45 minutes upon opening. See I totally procrastinated and didn't buy tickets online, total FAIL! My boy was in near tears. So, Daddy suggested the Lego store to use his VIP points, woot! He saved the day.

We picked up an awesome cookie cake, his design, thank god for cakes pre-made and on hand!

Hit up the bowling lanes to waste a few hours before a fabulous dinner at Coal Vines with our dearest friend Mark, Uncle Josh, his fiancee Kelsey and MiMi and BaPa.

2 hours of bowling wore this momma out, I had to sit out the last half hour. Can you say outta shape?! It was sad really. And boy were my bowling muscles sore the next few days, wowzers...

Natalie managed to get a gutter ball with the bumpers out, how the heck?!

We had a fabulous day celebrating my sweet boy's 10th birthday.

I LOVE him so very much and he's gonna be the best bigGER brother that there ever was, I know it!

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