Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, I work a little later than usual. No big deal.

I get home, cuddle with the Mr. and fall asleep. Ooops! A little cat nap never hurt nobody, I needed it bad.

I cooked dinner for my babies, Hamlin style and late as all get out.

See the boy usually feeds my sweet Gus dinner every night. And well that night he didn't.

And I'm glad. So glad I did.

My boy Gus is a black lab shepperd mix, he's 5. And not on the small side and will eat your face off. Not really. Well not if you are a friend or family anyways. I fill his bowl, and place it in the chair for him. Again, he's tall and I love him so yeah.

I noticed he seemed to be walking a bit funny the night before. I didn't stress about it.  Well last night he seemed to have a hard time putting weight on his hind legs. Didn't finish his dinner and laid in the grass.

Something was wrong.

My Gus never leaves dinner in his bowl.

I kneeled down with my boy and fed him the rest and gave him some ice, cause I love him.

Poor thing was miserable and in pain. He seemed delirious and kept pacing the yard away from me and would randomly lay down in the grass and whine.

Something was very wrong.

I was upset. And a little pissed off.

Me and the Mr. tried coaxing the poor thing inside to go to bed like a bajillion times. From various back doors. It was starting to rain and the wind was ridiculous. I sat outside kneeling by him tenderly petting his sweet face forever it seemed like. In Brad's big old dress shoes cause I'm scared of spiders and it was all I could find at that very second. I even took his bed outside to see if I could make him more comfortable. He wouldn't budge.

I dragged the Mr. outta bed because I couldn't stand it any longer. And we managed to get a sheet under my boy like a gurney. That damn dog is HEAVY! And we got him inside and in his bed, he seemed a bit calmer.

Did I mention I still had a sore upper back? And was not supposed to be lifting heavy ass dogs?!

We slept.

Then off to the vet first thing in the morning. And wouldn't you know it that little turd perked right up as soon as I got the leash out. His adrenaline kicked in full speed at the vet's office.

Seems he has either arthritis or a ruptured disc. He's on an anti-inflammatory pills, pain meds and muscle relaxers. He is to be confined so not to re-injure anything and walked on a leash for 2 weeks.

He is too dang young for this arthritis crap, but hey it's common in large breeds so whatever. Poor thing.

I guess the supplements will start soon enough for the old man to help.

Thinking I need to be confined to the laundry room and a leash too. My back is killing me! Dang 90 pound ball of fur will do that I guess.

Love my Gusser's and so glad my wonderful husband could be with me to help. There is no way I could have done it without him... Here's to a quick recovery for us both!

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