Friday, June 1, 2012

Suck it May!

And hello summer!

Last day of school for the kiddo's, yay!

Goodbye 3rd and 1st grade!

Thought I'd be a little sad but I'm not. Like at all. So glad school is out!

Really looking forward to my daughter not harassing me about signing her binder. And snack money fights. And who gets to ride in the front seat on our way to school. Or being tardy. For the record it's only a few streets over, yeah I suck!

I'm sure there are lots of positive stuff to say about how much we are gonna miss school and all that crap. But I can't think of any. Nope.

Today was Surfin' into Summer out of dress code day at school. Which is HUGE!

My kids are rebels. As you can see...

Not a grass skirt or flowered lei of any sort here...

Bring on the craziness of summer! I'm ready. I think.

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