Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I love me some Louisiana!

It feels like home to me. I have been more times than I can count. And I fall in love with it more and more each visit.

The Fox Force Five graciously opened their home to us over graduation weekend. Did i mention how much I LOVE my husbands family? Well I do. Very much. And they have the cutest dogs eva. For reals.

It was Danny's big high school graduation celebration! I can't believe it, I swear he was just a sweet little boy and ring bearer in our wedding... And now all grown up, so proud of Dan Man!

We had a blast and ate entirely too much! Chargrilled oysters. Shrimp boil. Abita Strawberry lager. Beignets. Cafe au lait. And of course... Uncle Phil's master grill'n was not to be eaten lightly ha!

Toured the city with our fave Aunt Mary, Rachel and Danny. Had lunch at our fave Acme Oyster House. Went on a river boat ride, it was awesome. Had the best Fox tour guide. And so pretty, didn't see a gator or snake one, score. And we got to visit with our family we don't see often enough. Ryan even took sweet talky talky Natalie to the park to give us a tiny break, ahhhh love him!

The kiddo's had more fun than I could have wished for.

The long drive home wasn't ideal considering I was a lil' loopy and in more pain than a woman should ever be in except during childbirth. Note to self. My daughter is too big to carry across parking lots while wearing her life jacket. Meh. And a Honda Civic is fighting grounds for siblings who love each other so.

My husband spoiled me with mommas day gifts and the best BBQ in Louisiana. They even deep fried their dinner rolls for goodness sakes. Yum.

And we weren't even at the Texas State Fair.

Can't wait to go back even if it's to fill my hollow leg. Love me some Louisiana. And our sweet wonderful family. It just warms my heart.

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