Friday, May 4, 2012

Is that you Monday?!

I HATE mornings. No lie.

I fell asleep last night with the lights on. I was that tired.

And the alarm went off about 5 times, all the while I’m hitting snooze. But clearly awake and should just get out of bed.

The Mr. is so noisy. I cannot wait for him to leave, no lie.

My princess cheerfully crawls into my bed to snuggle with her momma. This makes me happy.

Except I’m pretty sure she didn’t wash her hair for like the 3rd day in a row. Even though she swore she did.  Whatever.  

I do a load of laundry. If I don’t my children will either have to play hooky or wear dirty clothes. I am not that mom. Yet.

I need to go uniform shopping. But school’s almost out. Yep.

I’m out of white sugar. So I use brown sugar in my coffee, not the first or the last time I’m sure. And… I like it better anyways.

My mother would die if she knew I ran out of white sugar. Pretty sure it’s some depression era southern unspoken rule, I think from her momma.

I lay out their clothes, make toast, serve up some bananas and a glass of milk. Divvy up the daily asthma meds. Which at the moment is stopping me from pro-creating. I do not want another kid with asthma. Like ever. It scares me.

And I can’t decide who is to blame. Either it’s my awesome DNA or the culprit is indeed all the Mr.’s fault.

I go shower.

There is yelling and more yelling. I am screaming at them to knock it off. Classy right.

They are fighting over snack money. There are only 7 quarters on my nightstand. That their daddy so nicely scavenged for.

There is a war going on in my bedroom. I knew I should have just hidden that extra quarter.

I get out. And make them give me the change.

I then proceed to lecture them and tell them I’m going to give it to Natalie’s teacher’s room Mom for her  gift basket next week. Because well she deserves it.

I haven’t gotten a request from the boy’s class yet. I’m sure a letter was sent home.

He probably made a cool paper airplane with it.

I am lame and haven’t contributed to either yet.  It’s been a real busy week. And I never have cash, like never.

I then decide that well $1.75 sucks. So, I will be a rebel and not contribute at all.

And instead send them a Starbucks e-gift, for teacher appreciation week. I don’t need cash. And I can do it on my handy Starbucks app.

I ended up giving them the snack money anyways as we were walking out the door. Because I am weak. And I love them.


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