Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dress For Success

It was Dress For Success day at school today i.e. make parents scramble and try to be creative the night before day.

For reals. I know they send notes home but I never seem to get them. I wonder if my children like eat them on their way home to rid of any evidence. It feels like I'm always a step behind.

Leighton has always wanted to be a Lego Designer. He even googled real life ones and insisted they wore white shirts and name badges ummmmm...

I just picture some nerdy "gamer" type dude. Wearing what else but some snazzy Lego shirt with something completely "funny" on it. Like on the wall of some trendy teen store in the mall. I tried to get him to go with my idea but noooooo...

So, I went with what the boy wanted. And the kid made the coolest clip on name tag that spelled LEGO in what else but Legos. It was neat.

And I wish I had gotten a photo.

But I didn't, only one of my rock star Natalie.

She has never ever mentioned this before. Pretty sure she just wanted me to buy her a cute new outfit. It worked.

Before she only wanted to be an artist and a professional shopper like her Aunt Jenne. This weekend it was a dog trainer. Sadly she's allergic to most dogs and really only likes our Gusser's? That girl!

I was having an awful morning.

My upper back was killing me. It hurt to breathe. It was that bad. I write this as my muscle relaxers, pain meds and heating pad kick in. And i'm not a bit snoozy. Just my luck but I feel great so, score!

I left my car keys in my husband's car last night.

We don't have a spare at home.

He so nicely turned half way around on his very long commute to save me.

And my neighbor so kindly took my offspring to school. We were already late cause I couldn't find my dang car keys. Yep, awful morning.

My evening got better. The doctor prescribed drugs kicked in. I mean I could actually move like a normal person again without wanting to cry.

I got to snuggle and hold the most precious brand new chunky monkey baby boy tonight.

Had a nice dinner at home that I cooked and everyone liked, shocking I know.

And I got the best compliment. Well I think it was a compliment anyways.

That I was a stay at home mom. Ha! Me? Really? Need to win that lotto already...

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