Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today I visited my local and newly remodeled Starbucks to pick up some coffee for my morning cup at home. Since I was out and all. And I had to see the remodeled joint that took a whole week, not really impressed either. It seemed stuffy like we were herded in line like cattle almost. But hey, not my place to judge. Have you seen my house lately, yep. Exactly!

I finally joined the rewards program, I have the app on my iPhone. It's quite possibly the coolest app eva. Like for real. I just open the app and scan my phone to pay, I can reload it right in the store or online. It's plain greatness. And the benefits are awesome, I CANNOT believe I am just now doing this. I could have been gold status like 9 years deep now, shoot I could quite possibly have platinum elite status.

I'm a borderline coffee snob, I LOVE coffee.

It smells good and I like it strong, with a kick.

Folgers is not in my cup. Maybe if it was the last coffee on earth, but it's not.

So, I picked up the new Starbucks Tribute Blend 2012 today.

Spicy, Full Bodied & Deeply Layered.

It has berry and dark cherry notes.

I have never in my life been more excited to wake up in the morning, just to try this coffee. Certainly not to drag my kids to school. Nope, I live for the java.

And why do all the baristas seem so offended when you don't want them to grind your beans in the store?

This blend better be good since I missed out on my favorite Casi Cielo. I still regret not purchasing it before they sold out. 

Until next winter we shall meet again I suppose.

I'm secretly hoping my husband has a stock pile of it wrapped in a pretty bow for my birthday next week. But I'm not gonna bet money on it.

I am hopeful though.

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