Tuesday, March 6, 2012

and the winner is...

It's generously drizzled in caramel and candied pecans. Perfectly spiced and the frosting is oh so creamy and smooth! This is THE carrot cake and winnerof today's offerings.

My all time favorite of carrot cake's in the restaurant world is still at Jen's Place in North Dallas. If you have never been drop everything and go. Now.

The ever so close runner up was our dear chocolate cake.

Now I LOVE chocolate cake. But Truluck's carrot cake is today's winner.

And it holds a special place in my heart.

Fun fact:  Truluck's in Uptown was one of the first dates the Mr. took me on when we were dating. A late night date. For dessert and even more specifically for their carrot cake. And why I remember this of all things is because he ordered a tall glass of milk to go with our fabulous dessert. And to this day that man drinks milk like it's the best thing on earth! I'm admittedly not a milk fan, never have never will be. But my family loves the stuff. We go through 3 gallons easy on a weekly basis. And milk snobs they are. Organic, Coconut, Soy oh hell no. Not even Tom Thumb or Kroger brand will do. They are milk snobs and prefer (drum roll please) Wal-mart's store brand 2% milk. 

Maybe, just maybe I should sit them all down and have them watch that Food, Inc. documentary again with me, ummm...

I'm SUPER spoiled, really I am. And these desserts were brought to me by my fabulous lady boss. For the record, I only took a bite of each as to not spoil my ever growing figure since becoming a non-smoker. But that's a whole separate entry, ugh!

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