Monday, March 12, 2012

birthday blues

My birthday is in 2 days, the 14th. And I'm dreading it.

I wish the day would just come and go already.

I have never felt this way ever about turning a year older.

Until now.

I will be 31.

Thirty one.

I know I should just put on a grin and be happy.  I mean, I am here to see another birthday and everything in my life is mostly swell.

But this birthday I have a deadline.

My new years resolution kinda shit deadline.

To get my life organized. To get healthy.

I did take the day off from work. Just because I always do. I have never worked or gone to school on my birthday ever. So I gotta keep up with tradition at least.

I debated that too. Because like I said I just want the day to come and go already. I wonder if there is a way to deactivate my birthday on FaceBook? I'm gonna look into that. I don't need 400 of my closest friends reminding me.

I have a dental appt. scheduled on my birthday and another appt. for my son that morning. I'm an idiot. Who schedules that kinda crap on their birthday?! I do. Waving idiot hand over here!

Birthdays are overrated.

There will be no day drinking on a patio. Lazy day at home doing nothing. Or fun day planned with my kiddo's. Because I'm pretty sure that the wonderful school district would just love it if they missed one more day, left school early or happened to be tardy just one more freaking time.

Or anything spring break related because we are the only school district in the good ol' state of Texas not to be on spring break this week.

So, cheers to turning a year older in a few days. (insert sarcasm here) Yippe...

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