Thursday, January 12, 2012

blogging throwbacks

So... Apparently on myspace there is a blog section. And I indeed wrote a few entries back in the day that are pretty entertaining. And they are about food, of course. This girl likes to eat, as my friend BL says I have a hollow leg. So here are a few throwbacks...

August 7, 2009

Flying Fish

First off the trip solo to ....Preston.. ..Center.... was the longest 8 miles of my entire life driving. Seriously 30 MPH?! I swear everyone was going 20 and I caught every red light there and back. Some creepy guy in line asked me if I rode horses and kept touching my back and apologizing his family was taking so long to order etc. I mean really this is TX and people wear boots who aren't freaking cowgirls!!! The food delivery was super fast, lemonade was refreshing considering I had to sit outside that place was PACKED!!!  The place was real cute I'll give it that, loved the sign about the kiddo's staying seated at tables otherwise they'd be given espresso and a free puppy LOL Everyone apparently liked my new Firebird t-shirt cause I got a few compliments cool shirt etc. and lots of stares or I guess maybe I had tartar sauce on my face who really knows.  The food was good and hot but not the best I’ve had by far. I'll take Joe's Seafood in East Dallas any day over the Flying Fish for good ole' fried catfish. Well that sums up my Flying Fish experience oh and I lost my car in the garage LOL I walked right by it
January 25, 2006

My Fortune

So, I went to Pei-Wei on McKinney for lunch today and got to thinking about those yummy fortune cookies.  How are you supposed to open them anyway for your fortune to come true?  Bite it or just break it open?  My husband and I always add in bed to the end of our fortunes to add a little fun to it ;)  My fortunes for the day are and yes I had 3!!!
You can't ride in all directions at one time.  IN BED
You would be wise not to seek too much from others at this time. IN BED
Tomorrow may be too late to enjoy what you can today.  IN BED
I hope you got that last one B-rad seconds thoughts on your trip huh what?!

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