Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Breaker

Today my dad is having triple bypass surgery. It just seems so unreal I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. I type this as I'm in the surgery waiting room. They took him in for prep at 6:30am. I made it just in time to tell him how much I loved him and happy valentine's day. I also informed him he indeed was a heartbreaker and gently and briefly held his hand as they rolled him from his room. This is not his first heart scare. 12 years ago he had a heart attack. I remember it well. For I was graduating high school that week and drove him to the ER. He smoked the entire drive there, yes he really did. They installed a stent and he was good as new. Saturday afternoon he started feeling ill and took two nitro. My Mom drove him to the ER in Kaufman. His EKG was not good but his blood pressure was. They transferred him to a more equipped hospital in Dallas by ambulance. After his angioplasty yesterday he indeed needed triple bypass surgery. We were all pretty shocked. Good news is his stent has held up well and is still doing it's job but the artery before and after is not. He turns 69 tomorrow. My brother's birthday too. And the anniversary of my grandfather's death, my dad's father. Who iI never got the chance to know. My Dad rawks. He is funny, down to earth and the biggest smart ass I know. He likes tequila in the summer and whiskey in the winter. A gambler at heart, blackjack and poker. And has the sweetest, sweet tooth I have ever met. He is tender , affectionate and an honest hard working man. I need to emphasisize the honest part. He tells it like it is. You know that saying, a daughter usually marries a man just like her father and well yeah its true. He asked me to write down a few things yesterday for my mom on a piece of paper yesterday, for that just in case. Like the safe combination and to get his guns you know the important shit she may not remember. I learned a few things yesterday. George Washington apparently was "bled" to death by his physician. Which is actually controversial as I checked my dad's facts via google. And we both share the same blood type. Not George but me and my Dad, gotta clarify. And a lot more random crap I'm not gonna bore you with. Say a little prayer for my dad please. He is our rock, our matriarch, our everything. I could go on and on about how awesome he is but everyone who already knows him knows this. Love you Dad! Here's to a speedy recovery and another 20 plus years of giving your family your gift of being you.

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