Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 dog night

I'm dog sitting for my parents. Jada, is a medium size American dog well she looks more like a pot bellied pig, and she is deathly afraid of rain and thunderstorms. Did I mention it rained all day yesterday and through the night? Oh and sweet Teddy (shih tzu) is my mother's other dog, her baby. I know Jada and Teddy well. They were once my fur babies before my mother so kindly adopted them. And our fur baby, his name is Gus, he's 4 years old and about 115 lbs. He's my baby, HUGE and SCARY with the meanest bark eva and a complete love bug. 

Last night I had the absolute best evening with my girls i.e. The Braid. I intruded on my friends dinner with her family and I got to enjoy my fave jail bird burritos last night cooked and served by one of my favorite people. Also, I got to indulge in my teen obsession, Breaking Dawn Part 1. Granted the book was so much better and I thought the movie was a little lame but still a good see. We even ventured down some back roads since the stupid bridge was closed in the ever continuing construction zone. Anyhow, I was very unfamiliar with the new route, (pronounced root BTW Erin hehehe) did I mention it was raining and dark?  And I couldn't see shit?! Pretty sure that didn't help but you should have heard all the shouts of lock the doors, don't roll down the window, creepy fog, and WTF where are we, with tons of giggling pouring from my "hoe".

We made it home, safe, finally.

That drive was a hoot! We even had a little lesson of the haunted creepy ass history of Lawson Rd. with our non-native Texan in the back LOL

Then I got home.

Come bed time, I have Jada in my guest powder bath, since it has no windows. Again she is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. And it was raining and lightning pretty good last night. And Teddy and Gus were in my room, it was late and they usually settle pretty easily. Well not last night. Of course. Constant licking, collars clanging, bitey face games and nudging the door to go out only to bark and want back in a few minutes later. At this point I had had it and finally drift off to sleep after covering my face with a pillow. 
My Gus in Teddy's Bed, how in the world did he even fit?!
Then I'm awakened by my sweet Natalie climbing in my bed. Wheezing like an old woman! Great! Did I mention I needed to be at the office to meet the construction crew at 9AM? And that I'm off tomorrow? And that I CANNOT miss work today? And I have had NO sleep? I start the treatments and she improves, greatly. Asthma has shown its ugly face again... She has been hospitalized before and had a trip to the ER a few weeks ago. This asthma stuff is serious and it breaks my heart knowing there is nothing I can do but try my best to prevent the attacks. It's usually seasonal and allergy related, peaks in the fall and winter months. If I could kick anybody's ass it would definitely be asthma's!

I stop in the nurses office at school this morning to make sure Natalie has her nebulizer and meds and get her on a schedule for the day. And what do I do? Yep, I started crying like a big baby in the elementary school nurses office. Lack of sleep and worrying about my sweet Natalie and lack of coffee had done me in. Surprised she didn't march me over to the counselors office, I kid. I was a hot mess. I could only apologize and try to explain to her why I was so sleep deprived and emotional. I'm sure she thinks I'm a crazy person. But I don't care, really I don't.

Pretty sure the 3 dogs triggered it this time... Even Lego Leighton was all puffy eyed and snozzly. The two culprits are leaving today, happily.


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