Monday, April 7, 2014

I passed

I don't care how many times I visit this place and how sweet the office staff is, it makes me anxious. Like I wanna vomit in my bag and my heart could possibly leap out of my chest and run far far away kind of anxious. 

Maybe just maybe they could not use that big scary C word every where, that would help. I know it.

It's the type of office where they are expecting you no need to check in or give them a DL or insurance card. They offer you a glass of water and tell you how nice it is to see you. I know these 3 month visits are just routine. I know the tumor was removed. But. I can't help but have those same unknown holy crap feelings as I did walking in here about a year ago very pregnant with my third baby. I secretly do my labor breathing exercises to help keep my cool. I even leave my office with minutes to spare because well I just do. 

My face is almost back to normal and I don't have to go back for 6 months, yay! I can't help but smile and add a little swing to my step knowing that I'm free from worry because that's not my job. Nope. It's not my job.

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