Saturday, April 21, 2012


Fun fact about me, I hate raw cookie dough! I like despise it... It is gross! I gag when friends order it! Or raid the dough while baking perfectly baked cookies. I love a cookie slightly crispy on the outside and gooey middle! Served with or with out vanilla ice cream. So why would you mess with a perfectly good thing. Yep, I know.

And the Mr. Well he loves cookie dough ice cream. Last night we hit up Dippin' Dave's a new ice cream joint in Forney. I totally held up the line, they have like 36 flavors of Blue Bell to choose from. Quite impressive!

I finally settled on pecan praline, and quickly regretted it! Brad's stupid cookie dough ice cream was yelling at me to try it!

I did. And...

I'm a fan. Barely got 2 bites and couldn't stop thinking about the chewy raw delish dough part.

So, tonight I picked up some Krazy Kookie Dough, I am addicted! It was perfect. Cake batter ice cream with sugar cookie dough. So light and sweet.

Maybe I'll get a cookie dough DQ blizzard next!

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