Thursday, June 13, 2013

thirty eight weeks

I made it. Just 14 days to go, or is there?

At my appointment on Monday I was measuring 40 weeks, 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  

This pregnancy stuff is way harder than it looks. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, don't let anyone lie to you.

The heartburn is dreadful, even bananas make me feel like I'm breathing fire.  And I cannot breathe. I've drug a bar stool in my bathroom and kitchen so I can look pretty and do dishes, cook etc. It's that bad. I even take the motor buggy at Target on occasion, sometimes that sharp sword stabbing you in the vagina pain is just too much. The pressure this baby can project is undeniably strong.

Just a few weeks ago I'm standing in front of the shower, undressed. Waiting for it to warm up. And I accidentally cough.

I look down as I cough and sure enough I pissed on the floor. Holy crap! It just shot out. It's one thing to wet your pants a tiny bit when you sneeze or cough. Any mothers out there know what I'm talking about. But there was proof right there in front of me. On the floor. It was a completely new low for me. For reals!

But see it's all, and I mean all completely worth it.

Did I mention my children have a theme song for me? Yep, Fat Albert's, "Hey, Hey, Hey". They are so adorable right? Not.

When I found out I was expecting I booked a last family of 4 and maternity shoot with one of my favorite photographer's, Melissa Shook. Many many months in advance. Because I did not want to miss this once in a lifetime moment in our little family life.

I was 32 weeks when these photos were taken. Little did I know I'd actually make it this far.

We are very exciting to meet our new baby. Especially now that school's out the kiddo's are READY to relax at home for the summer with their new baby...

Did I mention how amazing Melissa is? Well, she is. Check out Melissa's Blog for a sneak at our session. I also posted a few of my very favorites.

So, Boy or Girl? The Mr. guesses Girl and I'm on Team Boy!

And I still don't really have names picked. I adore Miranda Claire for a girl and Cale Jackson or William Jackson for a boy name. I love family names and traditional vintagey southern names too. Any suggestions are welcomed. And with a name like Abra well the pressure is ON! 

Below are a few of my favorites...


  1. SO FUNNY....I actually teared up about the pp!!!

  2. Thanks Love! I cannot make this stuff up! Leg crossing is a must lately...